(Owner's Content) Week 0 Meeting Agenda

Each week, we will be providing you with meeting agendas to make sure you and your team stay on track. The week 0 meeting agenda represents the introductory meeting you will have with your team prior to starting the course together. This initial meeting is to help you introduce the course to your team, so they are excited and on board for the next 8+ weeks. This is also a chance for you to dictate how you want them to go through the course together as a team, and what your expectations are for the weekly assignments. 

**We highly recommend that you as the owner go through all of the week 1 videos and assignments prior to this first meeting.**

There are 2 primary ways to take your coaches through this course, and we want you to choose one prior to starting. 

1)    Assign the videos and weekly assignments as homework each week for your coaches. Provide your coaches with the login for the course, and allow them to go through the videos prior to your next weekly coach’s meeting. If you choose this route, your coaches should watch the videos earlier in the week, so they leave themselves adequate time to complete the assignment. 

2)    Watch the videos together in your weekly coach’s meeting, usually after discussing the previous week’s assignment. This will ensure that all of your coach’s have watched the videos, which can lead to productive conversations on the spot between your team. This will give your coaches a full week to complete the assignments, which will give them ample time to get everything done. 

We actually recommend doing Option #2, since you can guarantee that all of your coaches have watched the videos prior to each meeting.  

Week 0 Meeting Agenda.pdf